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Custom Address Plaque

Custom Address Plaque Download pdf Plaque Font Options COMMERCIAL SCRIPT, CAMBRIA, ARIAL BLACK Enhance your curb appeal with a customized address plaque to reflect your personal style and give you the perfect accent to your home. This custom address plaque is made of black glass, that measures 16” x 8” x .375” with a polished

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Kenyon’s Custom Grilles

Custom Grilles Between Glass Download pdf Bring light and beauty to the entryway with our custom Grilles Between Glass. Available for: Fixed Windows, Transoms, Framed Doorglass & Sidelights, Direct-Set Sidelights Fixed Windows Transoms Doorglass & Sidelights Sidelights available with frames or direct-set. CUSTOM GRILLES BETWEEN GLASS FOR THE HOME Product Selection Guide: Select your configuration

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Due to the eminent threat of Hurricane Idalia to Florida’s west coast and the Tampa Bay area, BHI will be suspending business operations for Wednesday, August 30th, 2023. We are actively monitoring the situation but intend to reopen Thursday, August 31st , 2023.”