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PF™ Door Frames

Plastpro’s Polyfiber (PF) Door Frames are an innovative new alternative to traditional door jambs. Our uniquely formulated door frame combines the beauty of wood, but requires less maintenance and has a longer life span. The material is durable, long-lasting, and is more thermally resistant than either wood or metal. The advanced system can be installed the same way as traditional wood jambs with no added hassles. When a fiberglass door is used together with a PF Frame, they create an enhanced, impenetrable entryway.

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This rigid Poly Fiber formulation door jamb offers the very best in product performance, and is easy to use. Our innovative PF Frames can be machined like wood, look and feel like wood, and can be painted or stained. The noticeable difference comes down to the strength and durability.

  • Closed Cellular Structure
  • Twice The Screw-Holding Power of Wood
  • Rigid Poly-Fiber Formulation
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Available Jamb Widths


4 9/16”


5 1/4″


6 9/16”


7 1/4”

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