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Ventilating Doors

This product by DLP Industries is an operational window insert/door combo. When the window is open, fresh air is introduced into the home, eliminating the need for a screen door. Both bugs and burglars can be effectively kept out with our Optional Impact Security Screen.

  • Perfect for beach side residential dwellings
  • Excellent for condominium doors, patio doors, cabana bath doors, and side garage doors
  • Replaces old jalousie style doors
  • Comes with standard screen
  • Manufactured in Florida
  • Different glass options

Optional Impact Security Screen

  • Offers insect control, and hurricane protection
  • Premium grade High Tensile 304 Stainless Security mesh
  • Impact Resistant
  • Allows ventilation without compromising security
  • Windsert security screen is available for all door sizes

Configurations for 6/8 Doors

X    XO    OX    OXO   XX    XXXX


Configurations for 8/0 Doors (Special order)



Due to the eminent threat of Hurricane Idalia to Florida’s west coast and the Tampa Bay area, BHI will be suspending business operations for Wednesday, August 30th, 2023. We are actively monitoring the situation but intend to reopen Thursday, August 31st , 2023.”