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Enhance your curb appeal with a customized address plaque to reflect your personal style and give you the perfect accent to your home.

This custom address plaque is made of black glass, that measures 16” x 8” x .375” with a polished edge in tempered safety glass with aluminum standoffs. There are three fonts available to select from to customize your address plaque. The plaques with 2-4 digits will have 4” high numbers that can be placed in a horizontal or vertical position on the plaque. The plaque with 5 digits will have 3” high numbers.

These plaques are easy to install and mounting hardware is included, made from aluminum that will not rust. Available in 5 business days plus transit, once the order is received and confirmed.

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Address Plaque Installation Instructions


You will need the following tools to install the plaque: a drill, drill bit, screw driver, and a pencil


Step 1: Start with holding the plaque against the wall in desired location, ensuring it is level. With the plaque in place mark each hole with the pencil. This will be the locations you will drill the holes.


Step 2: Using a ¼” drill bit for wood or composite or a masonry ¼”drill bit for stucco or brick. Drill bit depth is 2.5 inches. Drill 2 pilot holes into the locations that were
marked in step 1. Tap anchors into place until flush with mounting surface. Hold standoff base up to anchor and insert with provided screw holding base to wall with a screwdriver. Repeat process for second standoff base and check to make sure both standoff locations are level to each other.


Step 3: With each standoff base in place, take threaded stand-off cap add one plastic washer and add one plastic tube, put it through the hole in the plaque and add second plastic washer before tightening into standoff. Repeat this process for the second standoff.

Step 4: Once both standoff caps are screwed down, your plaque should be in place.