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T-REX Door Security System

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Combined with your BHI Doors Entry system, T-REX presents an innovation that redefines the security standard for residential entry doors.

Make your door far more secure at a very low cost. While your BHI doors entry system is being manufactured, specialized presses are used for the precision installation of heavy-duty plates (two small door mortise plates and one larger jamb back plate). Simply install any grade 3 or higher locking hardware on a BHI entry door system with this upgrade to achieve forced entry prevention greater than most popular multipoint locking systems.


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Due to the eminent threat of Hurricane Idalia to Florida’s west coast and the Tampa Bay area, BHI will be suspending business operations for Wednesday, August 30th, 2023. We are actively monitoring the situation but intend to reopen Thursday, August 31st , 2023.”