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BHI Door Slabs: Plastpro Nova90 Series Product Offering

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Check out our current offering of these top-quality direct-glazed fiberglass doors!

Enjoy more of Florida’s brightness and beauty from the comfort of your home with the increased glass viewing area of our Plastpro Nova90 Series Direct-glazed Fiberglass Doors. All of these doors we carry feature insulated Low-E glass in a variety of opacities and impact resistances- each securely factory glazed in-between that slab’s two door skins- providing a more rigid and leak-free design than traditional flush-glazed doors which use stop molding to glaze the glass after the door has been assembled. The slight brushed textured allows for a smooth look at distance, but also greatly benefits both the paint and staining processes. **Not all options are available in all sizes.

Standard Features:

  • 1-3/4” door thickness
  • Insulated Low-E glass
  • White brushed texture
  • 25 year limited warranty

**Available Options:

  • Impact glass
  • Non-impact glass
  • Clear glass
  • White translucent glass
  • Low-E 272
  • Low-E 366
  • Full lite
  • 3/4 lite over one panel bottom
Nova90 Diagram
Nova90 Cutaway
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