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Multi-Point Security Locksets

We all want to protect our home and the loved ones within, and unfortunately, most standard locking systems don’t make the cut. Or they require the use of handset and hardware styles that simply don’t reflect your unique style.

The Trilennium® Multi-Point Locking System provides ultimate protection and peace of mind with the power of three full deadbolts and a solid lock design that’s even strengthens the door panel, pulling your door into perfect alignment while working with your system components to seal out air, water, insects and more dangerous intruders.

Backed by the industry’s highest ratings for structural and forced entry performance Trilennium delivers 3x the strength, 3x the security and 3x the performance with one multi-point locking system. Plus, with Trilennium, unmatched protection doesn’t have to mean compromised style. Trilennium offers a growing portfolio of attractive handset designs to suit any taste and budget.

  • Stainless steel face-plates and strikes
  • Strike Rollers and latches draw the door panel into perfect alignment with the jamb for a tight seal
  • A single downward turn of the interior handle releases all three deadbolts – making this system panic proof
  • Keying available
Multi-Point Locks
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